NS-2 Implementation


Regarding simulation, it is being used the Network Simulator 2 (NS-2) by introducing flexibility on new modules addition. In spite of NS-2 offering support to the Ethernet networks simulation, there were no modules that implemented QoS Ethernet. So, were developed in the EuQoS project, at Department of Informatics Engineering of University of Coimbra, by CISUC research team, two new modules in comply with the IEEE 802.1p and IEEE 802.1Q specifications which allow the simulation of NSIS-based QoS provision over Ethernet networks, in NS-2, they are listed right below:

Click here to get the modules code and here to download some documentation about what was developed. Into the nsis.tar.gz, obtained through the first link, there are some examples of the modules use, a "readme" file with the installation instructions and, obviously, the own code. The modules were developed to the version 2.3 of NS-2 and tested on the top of the Linux operating system. In the second link you may found an brief explanation about the two modules descripted above.


Authors: Maxweel Silva Carmo, Jorge Sá Silva e Gabriela Batista Leão